Our Customers Are Our Best Salespeople...

"If you're looking to buy a new or used manufactured home, Jack Ferris is the one to call. He knows manufactured homes like no one else and he has a wide variety of used and new for sale. He will pull an old house out of a park and put in a new one of your choice, sell you a used one or he will put one on land on a private lot. Our park in Pleasanton, CA, called Vineyard Estates, is beautiful because of the new homes that Jack has put in this park. We own one of them and so do many of our neighbors and friends who are equally pleased and happy with Jack and their homes."  Pleasanton, CA

"I have been so busy sending pictures of my new manufactured home to most of my family members that I have been negligent about thanking you both for your extra-ordinary efforts on my behalf.  As I told my relatives, I feel like my family has expanded to include the two of you (Rebecca & Jack).  Not since my mother, daddy, and brother died have I felt so completely accepted as a person with unusual and somewhat eccentric tastes.  What a good feeling!  My youngest five-year-old grandchild had watched my manufactured house being driven down Stanley Boulevard on two different trucks to Pleasanton, CA.  He was very thrilled and excited.  Then he started a farewell speech about how much he loves me and will miss me.  I quickly explained that the manufactured house will be reassembled on a lot by Tommy's house so I will still be living in Pleasanton almost as close to him as my apartment is.  He loves Legos, so he will be fascinated by seeing how the factory built house progresses.  All my daughters and granddaughters love the manufactured house colors.  My son thinks the manufactured house is very beautiful and impressive.  I am anxious to see the interior evolve.  I know it will be perfect just as the exterior is.  All those finishing touches will be like jewels that enhance the practicality.  And of course the landscaping will be like a colorful, fragrant picture frame for my factory built home.  As I told some of my family:   It's wonderful to now be able to look forward instead of backwards. You have become a blessing in my life.  Thank you for all the caring you put into the project!  I have never before had business dealings with anyone who put human relationships before profit."    Pleasanton, CA

"From the first introductory handshake to the celebratory glass of champagne in our beautiful new manufactured home, our experience with Ferris Homes was a seamless affirmation of how things should be. Jaded from past dealings with contractors, builderssales groups, and the like, we expected the usual heartaches, broken promises, unfinished work, and inferior workmanship. We had none of that with Ferris HomesFerris Homes worked with us to develop the perfect layout and design options for our specific needs, and the perfect financial arrangement to fit our specific circumstances. They ensured that everything, each step of the way, was built and executed with the greatest care and highest excellence.Jack Ferris of Ferris Financial Group, Inc. personally attended to and resolved any and all difficulties or complications that arose, leaving us secure and confident throughout the whole process; his competence and warm integrity apparent in all facets of the project, large and small.  We love our new manufactured home, our palace of light, and we are grateful every day for our truly extraordinary experience with Ferris Homes."    Concord, CA

"We built our manufactured home in a senior park in PleasantonCalifornia where Ferris Homes had built over 90 manufactured homes.  Before we bought, Ferris Homes asked us to talk with his customers so we could get a good feel about his work and the finished product.  We took his advice and talked with other Ferris home owners. Everyone was pleased with the project follow through, attention to detail and quality of the manufactured home they bought.  I am now another one of Ferris Homes satisfied customers."    Pleasanton, CA         

"Jack Ferris worked closely with us in the initial factory built home design process to make sure we had all we needed in our new manufactured home.  He really listened.  My husband had special needs that required larger doorways and hallways, special shower for wheel chair access and handicap bars,  plus a lift in order for him to enter the manufactured home.  We were pleased that when we moved in. it was easy living for both of us."    Calistoga, CA

"It was great finding a Company like Ferris Homes that could do everything for us, from finding a land leased space in a retirement community, assisting in the design of the prefab home to putting in low maintenance landscaping!  We just wanted to be able to move in to our new prefab home and start the good life of retirement.  We wanted a prefab home that we could just lock up and leave so we could fulfill our dreams of traveling and visiting family and friends all along the way.  Ferris Homes made it a very smooth process.  We've recommended Ferris Homes to others."      Modesto, CA

"We were living in an older mobile home that cost us so much in utilities and maintenance.  We wanted an energy efficient manufactured home with a low maintenance exterior and a small yard.  We couldn't believe with the insulation, dual pane windows and more that our new manufactured home offers, we were able to cut our bills by half or more and allows us more time and money to have fun.  Ferris Homes was able to help us all along the way. We were also able to stay well within our budget for a new manufactured home."    San Leandro, CA

"Ferris Homes was knowledgeable, patient and understanding as we went through the steps of deciding to buy one of their manufactured home models.  We loved the quality of the manufactured home and  Jack Ferris had great ideas such as a walk-in closet in our master bedroom, a storage shed out by the carport for all my husband's tools and a built-in breakfast nook for our morning tea.   He also kept us informed of the progress as our new manufactured home neared production and then viewed it at the factory once it was built.  He worked well with all the personnel involved in the set up of our manufactured home as well as the storage unit, decks and stairs we selected.  We wanted low maintenance, so Jack Ferris suggested vinyl deck railings and Trex decking so we would never have to paint or stain again!"    San Rafael, CA

"Thanks bunches for all your effort in getting our loan!  We are very grateful!  We know we will have many blessed days there...." (and from their first grade daughter) "Thank you.  I can't wait to have my own room!!"     Pleasanton, CA

"Thanks for helping me out with things around here.  You didn't have to, but it's so kind of you.  I truly appreciate it."    Pleasanton, CA

"Thanks for the help and thanks many times for building new manufactured home for me.  It is beautiful"  Calistoga, CA

"Thank you for the bottle of champagne and for being the first visitor to our new home.  We appreciate everything you did throughout this process to make it easier for us.  We absolutely LOVE our new home and can't wait to be permanently settled in Calistoga.  Stop in any time you're in our neighborhood. And remember that we would be happy to let you show one of your "finished products" to your prospective customers.  Thanks for all the extra little things you did for us, it is much appreciated. "   Calistoga, CA

Here's a note from one of our buyers to Warren Buffett, Owner Clayton Homes. Concord, CA

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