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Today's factory constructed housing, manufactured and pre-fab homes are built in a controlled environment where materials, painting techniques and waste management are subject to state and federal regulations. Additionally, site work for manufactured homes has a minimal environmental impact, protecting our environment. Ferris Homes builds Energy Star rated, green, solar and net-zero factory built homes.

Less scrap and waste at the factory and on-site
Dust control measures are in place
Minimal disruption to the site and neighborhood
Removal of waste products, and
Landscaping and water usage is optimized

Factory-Built Housing (FBH) is a factory constructed version of a site-built residential structure. Factory-Built Housing laws and regulations are intended to help reduce many of the site costs and weather delays associated with the construction of single-family and multifamily dwellings, dormitories, onsite by allowing mass-production techniques combined with the benefits of a controlled atmosphere and efficiency of a factory. Once assembled onsite, there is no practical difference between FBH and site-built residential structures.

FBH product design and construction are subject to the most current and applicable California Building Standards Code (CBSC), the same as all site-built residential occupancies in California. (Title 25 CCR Section 3070).

We at Ferris Homes take pride in the extra steps that make the Ferris difference. Sometimes people don't believe our manufactured homes weren't constructed on site. Factory built homes have so much in common with site built homes now. Manufactured homes use the same materials and have some really spectacular design features.  Here are a few of our Ferris Homes differences.

Built for Living... Built for Life!  

Ferris Homes is proud to offer new manufactured homes that have earned the ENERGY STAR® label. ENERGY STAR qualified new manufactured homes are substantially more energy efficient than manufactured homes built to the minimum code requirements.

Our ENERGY STAR® rated new manufactured homes are independently verified by a third-party Home Energy Rater to ensure they meet ENERGY STAR® energy efficiency guidelines. These manufactured homes are better for the environment and better for you.

Benefits of owning one of our ENERGY STAR® qualified new manufactured homes include:

  • A Label Backed by the Government

All ENERGY STAR qualified new manufactured homes are certified to meet EPA's strict guidelines for energy efficiency. This exemplary performance is verified by an independent third party.

  • Lower Utility Costs

Compared with standard manufactured homesENERGY STAR qualified new manufactured homes use substantially less energy for heating, cooling, and hot water heating. Homeowners can expect to save about $200–$400 annually on their utility bills.

  • More Comfortable/Quieter Manufactured Homes

The energy-efficient features of ENERGY STAR® qualified new manufactured homes keep out excessive heat, cold, and noise, and ensure consistent temperatures between and across rooms-making these manufactured homesmore comfortable to live in.

  • Helping to Create a Better Future

By purchasing an ENERGY STAR® qualified new manufactured home, you are joining millions of consumers who have changed to ENERGY STAR®, helping our nation reduce our energy needs and building a cleaner environment for the future.

Features of our ENERGY STAR®  qualified new manufactured homes include:

  • Effective Insulation — Properly installed insulation that meets or exceeds national code requirements helps achieve even temperatures throughout the manufactured house while using less energy. The result is lower utility costs and a quieter, more comfortable home.
  • High-Performance Windows — Advanced window coatings help keep heat in during winter and out during summer. They also block damaging ultra violet sunlight that can discolor carpets and furniture.
  • Tight Construction and Tight Ducts — Attention to detail by sealing all holes, cracks, and seams in ducts and construction assemblies helps eliminate drafts, moisture, dust, pests, and pollen. This improves comfort and the quality of indoor air, while lowering maintenance costs.
  • Energy-Efficient Heating and Cooling Equipment — More efficient and properly sized heating and cooling systems use less energy, which reduces utility bills. These systems also turn on and off less frequently, removing more humidity and providing better comfort.
For more info on our ENERGY STAR® qualified new manufactured homes, contact us at Ferris Homes, or learn more about ENERGY STAR® qualified new manufactured homes at: 

Our New Manufactured Homes, Safer & More Energy Efficient Than Older Pre-HUD Mobile Homes

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Ferris Homes selects state of the art construction for our manufactured homes to keep your family safe, secure and comfortable.   Older pre-HUD mobile homes are not constructed like the new manufactured or factory built homes of today.  

Check out the electrical wiring in pre-HUD mobile homes from 1959 to 1976. In most cases aluminum wire was used which has been the cause of mobile home fires. Other significant causes of fires in pre-1976 mobile homes are heating and cooking equipment. 

Today’s manufactured home has electrical systems according to National Code, including copper wiring, common residential components, and other outlets placed per code.  

Smoke alarms in pre-HUD mobile homes were dangerous because they are not hard wired. They are battery operated only. New manufactured homes are per today's codes.  Since interior walls in pre-HUD mobile homes do not have wall linings, walls have a tendency to catch fire, promoting more rapid flames. An average pre-HUD mobile home burns down in less than five minutes. New manufactured homes have a ½” drywall on interior walls, adding fire safety and life-long maintainability.

Wood paneled interior walls in pre-HUD mobile homes can be a fire hazard and is often the cause for rapid burning older mobile homes.  Our new manufactured homes have standard high-strength ½” drywall.

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